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We celebrate ADHD entrepreneur success and discuss challenges and solutions. Having lived with undiagnosed ADHD for a large part of his entrepreneurial journey, the host André Brisson will share his personal stories on how he overcame his undiagnosed symptoms and how he refined his systems, routines and habits once diagnosed with self-awareness and personal growth. André will interview high-achieving ADHD entrepreneurs, ADHD experts, and strength discovery experts covering many topics including their own obstacles and successes, strategies to manage their ADHD, share knowledge to gain insights and more. André will also be interviewed by guest hosts to pull out solutions and information from his brain – since his solutions are impulsive thoughts when talking to someone else. André Brisson was diagnosed at 44 with severe ADHD and Asperger’s. He has lived it, researched it, and transformed himself into a higher functioning ADHD entrepreneur.

Mar 31, 2022

André discusses his new meditation routine where he starts the day calm to plan and execute the day and ends the day with calm for better sleep.  André uses the mindful meditation app called Headspace..

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Mar 28, 2022

André and Warren continue a conversation about ADHD Entrepreneurs being non-conformists and rule-breakers and they are perceived and treated in school.  It is interesting that these non-conformists and rule-breakers are founders of successful companies that change their industry and the world.

The Impulsive Thinker...

Mar 24, 2022

André outlines The ADHD Transformation Journey Program he is developing with Tactical Breakthroughs.  There are 3 hybrid courses; You and ADHD, You Ahead of ADHD, and You Beyond ADHD.  He also describes the You Owning ADHD community he wants to build where like-minded and like-BRAINED high-achieving ADHD entrepreneurs...

Mar 21, 2022

Our guest, Wendy Brookhouse from Black Star Wealth, an expert in building wealth for entrepreneurs, discusses how wealth is not the same thing as finances and that wealth is part of money, health, family and experience.  She explains why entrepreneurs must understand the 3 parts of the Foundation To Building Wealth. ...

Mar 17, 2022

This is a follow-up short after Dan Sullivan's Gap and Gain interview in episode 45.  André explains the difference between the ideal and a goal.  He also explains how the ADHD brain benefits from the Gain concept and how it likes to stay in the Gap.

Dan wants you to have his Ultimate Entrepreneur's Tool Kit which...