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We celebrate ADHD entrepreneur success and discuss challenges and solutions. Having lived with undiagnosed ADHD for a large part of his entrepreneurial journey, the host André Brisson will share his personal stories on how he overcame his undiagnosed symptoms and how he refined his systems, routines and habits once diagnosed with self-awareness and personal growth. André will interview high-achieving ADHD entrepreneurs, ADHD experts, and strength discovery experts covering many topics including their own obstacles and successes, strategies to manage their ADHD, share knowledge to gain insights and more. André will also be interviewed by guest hosts to pull out solutions and information from his brain – since his solutions are impulsive thoughts when talking to someone else. André Brisson was diagnosed at 44 with severe ADHD and Asperger’s. He has lived it, researched it, and transformed himself into a higher functioning ADHD entrepreneur.

Oct 31, 2022

Glain Roberts-McCabe, founder and President of The Roundtable, discusses why she decided to take a 2-month sabbatical, how it affected her team and what she learned from it.  As entrepreneurs, we need to take breaks to rediscover ourselves, rediscover our purpose and rejuvenate.  We can't feel guilty about taking time...

Oct 27, 2022

André discusses his decision to hire a Virtual Assistant (VA) based on the discussion with Peter Shankman from Episode 109.  He explains why he decided to move forward and will provide updates as the process progresses.

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Oct 24, 2022

Peter Shankman is back with André to discuss how to figure out what you do best and outsource the rest!  Peter discusses how hiring an assistant was a game changer for him so he could concentrate and focus on his core competencies.

You can connect with Peter on Twitter or email him at

You have to...

Oct 20, 2022

Based on this week's conversation with Kathy Kolbe in Episode 107, André expands on his observation of playing a character for 40+ years as an undiagnosed ADHD entrepreneur.  Remember, we all have a purpose.  We are all equally creative and solve problems differently.  We are equally good at different things. ...

Oct 17, 2022

Kathy Kolbe, the creator of the Kolbe Wisdom, and André discuss why people play a "character" and how it happens.  When you are forced not to be yourself, you create a character to play.  André describes how he became really GOOD at playing his character for 40 years and how that confuses him when sorting out goals...