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Jul 25, 2022

Dan Duncan, an ADHD coach, discusses his ADHD Inside Out framework.  The framework includes discussion of motivation and how the ADHD brain manages mental energy that affects our Executive Function abilities.  He further clarifies how the ADHD brain in NOT internally responsive and HOW excellent our brain reacts to external stresses.

Dan was diagnosed with ADHD when he was 38.  He is an ADHD coach with ADHD Inside Out, a consultant, and academic strategist.  You can find him at, email him at coach@adhdinside, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Key Points from this discussion:

  • Outside view of ADHD is focusing on the symptoms and that is a trap
  • Inside view deals with Motivation (free energy) and Determination (not free energy)
  • Executive Functioning relies on mental energy
  • External stress - our ADHD brains thrives, and we SHINE!
  • Internal stress - our ADHD brains DO NOT respond and creates anxiety.

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