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May 2, 2022

Today we discuss company visions with the Vision expert, Geeta Nadkarni from Impact with Influence.  Our discussion is based on her book, How To Live Your Vision: Manifest Your Dream Reality in less than 15 minutes a Day.  Geeta brings an interesting twist to vision building and pursuit - she attaches a feeling/emotion to the outcome.  Then you know when you achieved it when you FEEL!  This will help us reduce the suffering of not achieving as it is not a vision of her success.

Geeta is the creator of the Impact with Clarity program for anyone!  She helps you find inner clarity for great impact.  At the time of recording, she has a special offer of 70% of the program.  You can find more details here!  Also, Geeta is gifting your the Clarificator tool she developed and you can find it here.

You can find her book on Amazon and here!

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