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Sep 26, 2022

The guest host from Episode 1, Nicole Solitar from Strategic Coach®, interviews André celebrating 100 episodes and what is to come.  They discuss his biggest learnings, his goals for Season 2 (starting in October of 2022), and discuss some of his favorite episodes:

EP 02: Afraid To Hit Record

EP 25: Undiagnosed ADHD and Family w Zelia Brisson

EP 32: Power Beliefs with Megan O'Neil

EP 41: Entrepreneur Mental Health with Mark Fujiwara

EP 43: TABOO! Men and Mental Health w Mark Fujiwara

EP 23: Bore-out vs Burn-out with Femke Hovinga

EP 91: Don Barden's ADHD Journey

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Guest Host: Nicole Solitar is a Program Advisor with Strategic Coach® who helps ambitious growth mindset entrepreneurs.  Nicole has played a key role in André’s entrepreneurial growth as a diagnosed and an undiagnosed ADHD entrepreneur.  Strategic Coach® was created by Dan Sullivan, and he helps entrepreneurs achieve faster growth, greater profits, and an exceptional quality of life.  For more information go to

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