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We celebrate ADHD entrepreneur success and discuss challenges and solutions. Having lived with undiagnosed ADHD for a large part of his entrepreneurial journey, the host André Brisson will share his personal stories on how he overcame his undiagnosed symptoms and how he refined his systems, routines and habits once diagnosed with self-awareness and personal growth. André will interview high-achieving ADHD entrepreneurs, ADHD experts, and strength discovery experts covering many topics including their own obstacles and successes, strategies to manage their ADHD, share knowledge to gain insights and more. André will also be interviewed by guest hosts to pull out solutions and information from his brain – since his solutions are impulsive thoughts when talking to someone else. André Brisson was diagnosed at 44 with severe ADHD and Asperger’s. He has lived it, researched it, and transformed himself into a higher functioning ADHD entrepreneur.

Jan 29, 2024

This episode dives into the complexities of ADHD and Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) with Dr. Kenny Handelman, a renowned ADHD expert.  Kenny Handelman is a psychiatrist and Founder at The Centre of Integrative Mental Health.  This episode offers invaluable insights for high-achieving ADHD entrepreneurs seeking...

Jan 25, 2024

In this engaging episode of The Impulsive Thinker Podcast, André, The Impulsive Thinker, brings a fresh perspective on the role of labels in the lives of high-achieving ADHD entrepreneurs. He illuminates how these labels, often seen as limiting, can be powerful tools for self-discovery and growth. André...

Jan 22, 2024

In todays episode, we delve into the intriguing world of the Kolbe ATM Index with guest host Jeff Kaas.

In this episode, we explore how the Kolbe ATM Index is a game-changer for understanding conative patterns, especially for entrepreneurs with ADHD. Jeff Kaas engages André and unravels the complexities of...

Jan 18, 2024

Join André, The Impulsive Thinker, as he delves into the intricate world of task management for high-achieving ADHD entrepreneurs. This episode sheds light on a common yet overlooked aspect: the confusion between to-do lists and not-to-forget lists.

Key Points Covered by André:

·       The critical difference...

Jan 15, 2024

Welcome to "The Impulsive Thinker" podcast.  In this insightful episode, host André Brisson, The Impulsive Thinker, is joined by Michael Sarracini of Keyspire to discuss the unique aspects of parenting a child with ADHD.

Key Points Covered by André Brisson:

1.       Embracing Neurodiversity: Understanding and...